Find Love Inside Yourself

The Game Of Self Love

For many learning to love yourself more sounds like an awesome idea, but there is a feeling of confusion as to how one actually starts to love themselves more.

The first thing to realize is this – at your core, you already love yourself. You do not need to ‘learn’ to love yourself so much as you need to remember to love yourself.

Second, it is not a race. There is no self-love prize to be won, no award for loving yourself more than other people love themselves. This journey back to your core of self love is really all about you re-connecting with who you really are, so that you can walk through your life feeling more peace, calm, joy and happiness.

Getting Started

When I was first starting out on my ‘self love journey’ – if you will – I was pretty far off from someone who acted in a loving way towards myself. I beat myself up constantly, I was hard on myself for everything, I had majorly high expectations of myself and I never gave myself a break. This made me feel like getting to a place where I genuinely acted in a loving way towards myself was going to be an impossible task. Now, I stand before you as someone who can confidently say I act in a very loving way towards myself, and that it is not impossible to get here, no matter where you are starting. All you need are some practical tools to help get you on your path.

So with that, here are 5 tools you can introduce into your life today that will help you to cultivate more love toward yourself, and will get you started on your path back to your natural, self loving state.

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